My vote next year will be for the NP and as I want changes. I am prepared to take part in contributing to the party by making sure that my vote will be accompanied by many that I have recruited. If I was rich then I would contribute financially, but I am just a poor and ordinary South African seeking some change. Well I may be poor, but I am rich in mind. Thatís why I knocked at the door of the NP. There are no limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination and wonder. Same as giant businesses have people on the grass root level who distribute pamphlets showing their specials to the customers. Well in our case we use party agents to recruit. I hope we get agents who share the same vision. I didnít renew my ANC membership this year because I lost interest but after your interview with SA fm I got inspired again. Our ship is little behind in this race but if we join hands and work hard enough to expose our self and let it be known that NP is back and back to stay, to serve and bring about a change to the bad, corrupt politics that the ruling party has unleashed to our beautiful rainbow nation. The ANC is in a weak state; let us take this as an advantage. -  Simon Kolisang


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