I have come across an article on the IOL website and I have duly searched for the NP’s website.  After reading a couple of points I have to ask myself the question.  Is the National Party back for good?  I really do hope so, and I also do hope and trust that the National Party’s values, commitments, leadership and morals live up to what you profess on the website.  I also think that, 14 years down the line in a new democracy that the people of South Africa are now South African’s, and not just people of colour.  Yes, we live in a rainbow nation but what irks me the most is that the majority of people in the country still value (if I can call it that) the colour of their skin and also try and gain financially out of these ridiculous measures.  I am a proud South African and I want to be judged as a South African. – Jon & Marinda


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