I travel extensively and was excited to hear the interview that SAFM had with you (Juan-Duval Uys) last week. What caught my particular attention was your comment regarding SASOL and your excellent reply.


 I was in East London and Port Elizabeth and have already told most of my clients about your policies. They are all basic and logical. At last there is a party with that one can get excited about. The people who try to oppose you are not realists and would appear to be of a low intelligence.


We wish you great success and you have our votes.


Kind regards.


Gerry Easton


PS From the correspondence enclosed to you there is still no response from Carte Blanche and Cosatu. Also the Patricia's secretary is quiet even after a email from me asking how things were developing. I also enclosed correspondence to "The Mail and Gardian" and "The Sunday Times" with no acknowledgement.

Last week in Port Alfred the largest boating company advised me that there was only one commercial fisherman left due to the fuel price. More unemployment while the fat cats and the Government gets richer.


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